Irvinestown Credit Union Ltd 50th Anniversary Publication. Oct 1971 to Oct 2021.


It is a great honour for me, as current Chairperson of Irvinestown Credit Union Limited, to write the foreword for our 50th anniversary Publication.

The purpose of this publication is to both provide a brief history of our credit union since its formation, as well as to record and acknowledge the hard work and commitment of the many people who have influenced and supported its growth and success over the past 50 years.

Much credit for the production of this book must go to Oliver Breen, Supervisor, supported by John Lynch, Office Manager.

I wish to recognise the vision, values and foresight of our founding members. They laid the foundation that has influenced successive boards of directors, supervisors, volunteers and staff, who have worked tirelessly over the past half century to build an organization we can be all proud of.

Our credit union was founded in 1971 to help members manage and control their financial well-being, by providing a safe place to save and offering a competitive source of credit. Over 50 years, a lot has changed, but putting the community and members first has always remained the same for our credit union.

From very small beginnings, our credit union has gone from strength to strength. By 2021, the Credit Union has 3900 Adult members who have savings / shares worth £10,808,552.92. The loan book stands at 703 borrowers owing £2,528,418.29

We’re pleased to be promoting the Credit Union for the future and have
834 Minor accounts with £1,017,201.81 saved.

The success of our credit union could not have been achieved without the support and loyalty of our members, coupled with the dedication and focus on service to the local community, delivered by all associated with managing our credit union right up to the present day.

Looking to the future, I am confident that our credit union will continue to grow, adapt, provide additional services and cater effectively for the needs of our community over coming years.

Thomas McQuaid
Board of Directors

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